Leo   Leo is the fifth zodiac sign which is known to offer the characteristics if ts symbol lion. Born on the date between 23 July to 22 August, Leos are known for making long lasting impressions and are almost impossible to miss out. The fire songs loves to be the center of stage and is a born leader. They are ambitious in nature and their strength allows the to reach the heights and accomplish the great deals.  They are extremely talented and never shy away from the limelight. Their warmth and enthusiasm make them the most amazing people to be around. They love pleasure and have flair for dramatics.  They consider themselves the king of the universe just like lions and has has great sense accomplishing all the tasks. They tend to be dignified and strong in whatever they do. They are well organized, opinionated, idealistic and has the knack for inspiring others.  Leo considers them the center of universe just like their ruling planet sun and thinks themselves to be indispensable. They are intensely proud, decisive and have tremendous zest for life. They are amazingly romantic, self assured and outgoing in nature. Leos live without boundaries, have generous spirit and high determination to succeed. Keeping aside their appearance, Leos can be better counted for their loyalty and sense of honor. Associated with fire element, Leo have hot personality. They are fearless and dignified enough to not have too many pitfalls in life. They are strong and have courage that wins them over other folks. If you need in-charge for something call Leo, no one can better take in-charge of things on an expansive stage.  Truly warm hearted, they want everyone to be happy and tries to make everything perfect in their kingdom.  People born under Leo zodiac sign are confident, dynamic and have forward thinking. They are great ion spending money as they love luxury and can not settle for anything low in status. Those born under Leo sun sign love to enjoy and play games. They are creative devoted and too hot to handle. They have great power to grab attention on their own. They have qualities of idealism and leadership. They are warm and loyal individuals who tries to ensure happiness for everyone. 

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