Representing the personality of crab, people belonging to cancer zodiac take great pleasure of the comfort of home and family. Born in between 22 June to 22 July, Cancer people are domestic maternal and love to nurture others. They are very dedicated and loyal towards their family and friends. They like to live in big families with serene and harmonious atmosphere at home. They follow all the traditions and love to indulge in communal Activities. They are also patriotic and emotional about things. They wear their heart on their sleaves and are quite moody. Good at remembering things cancer people are strong willed and like to get their own way through being kind and gentle. However, they can never emotionally manipulate anyone just to get their things done. If their work is still not done they will go back to their shell just like the crab an sulk and the find out the way to get back to the source of the pain, since they are quite vindictive.

Cancers are ruled by planet moon and are manifested with the crab’s maternal instincts and the quality of protecting family and home. Cancer sign is associated with water element and people belonging to this sign are quite splashing with their emotions just like the rolling waves of the sea. Such people tend to make their choices on the bases of their sentiments and possessiveness.  Cancers are cannot control their temptation for being selfish and feel sorry about it. They value the sense of security a lot and are also good with money.

Cancers are great listeners and have a heart to listen others problems. They are true friend and does not use anyone for their benefit. They tend to be reliable and dependable people. They will tell you everything you want to know without making any excuses ad you will get drawn to their honesty. They are insecure of losing friendships and being alone.

When it comes to love, just like crabs cancers are devoted, romantic and get thing done on their own. The signs rules stomach and listen to its gut a lot. They have got the great tendency to protect their loved ones. Such folks don’t desire much, all they need is the sense of security with a comfortable and peaceful home. It is pleasure to be with cancers as they have the best way to nurture their loved ones.

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