They are natural revolutionaries, who do not like any kind of control and dependency. These people are more of a workaholic and very dedicated towards their work. They are practical and logical ones. They think and feel from their minds and give a chance to their hearts to think and feel. They love their independence to the core and find it difficult to let others enter into their lives. They like to be stick to their individuality, their independence and do not compromise their freedom with anything. If you will try to hold them down or close, they will just flee and will come only when they will feel the need. Independence is the basic essential for these individuals. They are very stubborn and rigid; and always put their opinions on the top side. Likewise, they want to live their lives on their own, in return also they do not like to interfere in others’ lives. They respect others’ opinions and expect the same from others. They find it difficult to have a close and intimate relationship, as they do not like to share their space with anyone.

 At the same time, you can see their soft side as they are born humanitarian, sincere and loyal; and possess intellectual mind. These people are very curious people with striking intellectual questions in their mind. You just don’t dare to challenge these fierce Aquarians, they are intellectual pioneer and when they takes up a challenge they just proves it with their stubbornness. They are inventors and if pursue their career linked with media such as radio, TV, film, satellites, or computers, they excel in their work.

Aquarians can be excellent inventors, social workers, artists, psychologists, astrologists…and many more options where they can express their concern for humanity and delving deep into the psyche of human beings. They follow a path of wisdom, where they can quench their thirst for knowledge and expression. Aquarians are very economical in handling money. Pride and prestige are their virtues. It is the sign of spiritual reincarnation.

They prefer to flaunt their real self, sans the gloss. They follow a policy of cutting their ties and facing their fears. They are simple beings and they do not like artificiality; be it on stage or backstage.

Aquarius positive traits:

  •  Humanitarian
  •  Clever
  •  Sharp-minded
  •  Ingenious
  •  Original
  •  Practical
  •  Independent

Aquarius negative traits:

  •  Detached
  •  Stubborn
  •  Tongue in cheek
  •  defiant

Acquaintance with Aquarius:

Despite of having detachment and unemotional exterior, there lies a kindhearted friend within these Aquarians. Coconut can be taken as their personification with its hard exterior and at the core they are just soft, supple and sweethearts. These individuals are jovial and interesting people, who like to make others happy and cheer them. They are unconventional and live with no strings attached. Despite of all individualities of theirs, these people make excellent and enduring friends and other relationships. They are lively and are pack full of fun and splendor. An Aquarian friend will make your life filled with spontaneity and adventures. They make their ever-lasting relations and in the journey of life if they need space they just go far away from their relations and return in the times of need. A journey with an Aquarian friend will be a lifetime moment. Once they commit to anyone, they remain with their words. They are very good friends and excellent human beings.

Business dealings with Aquarius:

Aquarians are practical and like to make their lives useful. They have a habit of doing something or the other s they cannot sit idle. With their inventive thoughts merged up with their humility and insightfulness, they make very good politicians and social workers/psychologists. They possess leadership qualities and can reach height by using their ideologies and forming new theories. These people are self-made personalities. Aquarians can be excellent researchers and scientists. They also possess a good hand in photography, computer technology, radiography or electronics. In the field of arts and humanities, they can be vey expressive and creative, when indulge in writing, poetry as well as in broadcasting. Even they can make good actors, mimics, musicians and educators.

Peeping inside Aquarius:

Aquarians seems to be an enigma. Sometimes they tend to be practical, strict, unemotional and stubborn; and on the other side sometimes they act like caring, emotional, protective and kindhearted. They are just sweethearts, who are shy of expressing their emotions. They are very good observant, to them wisdom values more than emotions. At times, they tend to hurt people as they speak their minds and do not think about others’ hearts. They are very honest people. In the realms of relationships, they are committed, but they need room for the growth of their relations.

Sometimes it may be shocking or painful because of their disregard for the feelings of others, but they intend no harm, they call it like, they see it and do not emotions cloud their judgment, they are very detached from emotion. They remain detached from their feelings and other people because they afraid of this ruthful world and this way they protect their heart with a hard covering of detachment. As I have already told that these people feel from their mind, if at all they tend to fall for anyone they just stop themselves as, they do not trust their feelings and incorporate into their ideas. and if their ideas are not appreciated, they take it personally. They like getting attention and appreciation from others. They are confident and self-assured people. If you peep deep the heart of an Aquarian, you will find that they never have an intention to hurt anyone as they respect humans with their individual notions.

Aquarius in a Nutshell:

They are the visionaries. These individuals demand unconventionality and intellectual independence. They stand out in the crowd and have their own way of thinking. The Aquarians are progressive thinkers and have curiosity in discovering and learning new things. They go their own way without bothering what others think about them. They follow the policy of live and let live. Aquarians are real party animals and social butterflies, yet maintaining their individuality and independence. They possess forward way of thinking with their blessed active minds. If you would encounter an Aquarian, you will be mesmerized with his/her charm, personality and when he/she shares his/her thought, you will find an Aquarian is a package of wit, modesty, liberty, inventiveness, creativity, newness, communication skills, brains, he/she will just drive you in. when he/she speaks, everybody around him like to listen him/her. These people are an epitome of justification and are very tactful. They are great opportunists and are lucky in getting numerable opportunities. They hate boredom and it can be said that change is the constant thing in their lives.

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