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Every year one day we are treated special and loved by our near and dear ones, and its none other than our birth date. From families to friends, the joy of receiving gifts is priceless. A grand party arrangements is done with colourful balloons, cake,  food delicious, lots and lots of presents and playing exciting games all night with your friends and loved ones. 

On this day a huge amount of guests are invited in the party to cherish they you born. We get plenty of love and wishes from different people and it make us feel privileged. Everyone waits for the whole year for this one special day to come, as it bring a lot of joy, happiness and excitement of receiving various gifts and the suspense of what's inside that box.

Birthday's are the occasion that make all of us happy automatically weather it's ours or any of our loved ones. The most suitable gifts for birthdays depends on the age and preferences of the person, by keeping these factors in mind you can give any gift as there is a large variety we can find nowadays. Soft toys, radios control toys can be great for children and books, dresses, accessories will be best for a adults, and due to the variety it's even more easy.

Birthday SMS

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Every girlfriend thinks of making her boyfriend feel special on his birthday and the first few things that come in mind is gifts, cards, party but maybe now is the time to think something unique, gift and do some guy thing on his birthday and make a impression on him. 

Firstly know what he loves and plan accordingly but usually there are some gifts any boy would love like buy tickets of any local amusement park, go for camping, try some adventure games, or may be if he is a book lover then you can buy him his latest favorite book, if he is a fitness freak then there are a lot of items available in the market and at last if you want to do something romantic then a candle light dinner would do all the work.

All these will surprise him and make his day very special and you will definitely be the best girlfriend ever.

Birthday SMS For Boyfriend

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Do you want to make your girlfriend happy and want her to fall in love with you all over again and make her go crazy about you, then make her birthday so much special that it become the best day of her life. 

You can make different arrangements to make her whole day exceptional by surprising her and gifting her roses, chocolates, bottle of her favorite perfume, lunch at a good restaurant or make a scrapbook of her childhood memories and all these extra efforts can easily impress her and she will love you even more and more.

Also take her out, order her favorite cake, plan a party for her, pamper her as much as you can, use catchy romantic lines with birthday sms for Girlfriend which can impress girls easily so it will make your girlfriend happy too. Make her day so happening that she remember it for the rest of her life.

Birthday SMS For Girlfriend

Birthday SMS for Mother -

There is no other bond special as much as a the bond of a mother and her child, it is purest of all.  Your mother is the one who has always been with you in all your ups and downs in your life, she advise you, protect you, teach life lessons, nothing can be hidden from her she knows each and everything of you. Mother has always given you happiness and this is the time to give a little happiness back to her.

A person who is so much special to you deserve a celebration on the her birthday and to make it remarkable for her you can do many things like 

  • Surprising her at midnight by a small cake made by you,
  • Make tasty and healthy breakfast for her, 
  • Gift her a saree or any jewellery, 
  • Take her out for lunch, 
  • Organize a party for her and let her have a blast. 

All these efforts by you will make her day fill with joy.

Birthday SMS For Mother

Birthday SMS for Father - 

A mother is always praised in parenthood but not always a father get the appreciation. Fathers are the one who always have to stand tall and strong in the family, he is strict, he make us learn all the rules and regulations and he share less emotions. 

Despite all these things we love our father very much and maybe you have not always express your love to him but his birthday is the most right occasion to show your love and appreciation, also to thanks him for giving you such an amazing life. 

There are a lot of things you can gift to your dad like any antique watch, his favorite colour good shirt, a trip to his favorite place where he always wanted to go, you can also through a party and invite his friends and let him enjoy his day all these will surprise him and he will be proud of you.

Birthday SMS For Father

Birthday SMS for Wife - 

That person who always be with you and always push you to become a better person after your parents is your wife. She is your best friend, love, your motivation and it is very important to show your love towards her and make her realize that how much she mean to you and her birthday is a very beautiful occasion to convey all the feelings and make her experience the joy she never felt. 

Simple things can also impress her like cake and beautiful flower bouquet at midnight, do things that you normally don’t do like cooking breakfast for her, take her to a beautiful romantic place where you both can sit back, relax and talk to each other and share your feelings maybe in between you can also gift her a small jewellery like ring or pendent that she always wanted and just these few things can do all the work.

Birthday SMS For Wife

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Birthday SMS for Husband -

Everyone wants that special someone to spend life with and at the end when you get him in a name of your beloved husband, he becomes most precious and important to you. A lot of memories you spend with your husband and one of the most amazing is his  birthday.

On this special day of your hubby you can surprise him with a plenty of ideas like create a music video for him, dedicate a song to him on the radio, candle light dinner, decorate the bedroom with flowers, balloons and attach his pictures on the balloons this can make your husbands birthday even more memorable for him.

You can also set a special romantic evening for him and  reveal your feelings towards him but if you you want to keep it simple then wishing him by a unique message can also be an amazing idea to make him happy.

Birthday SMS For Husband

Birthday SMS for Friends -

Friends are the most important part of our life, we share a very special bond with them and without them our life would be meaningless. Friends are like the blessing of god for us and this special person has his/her special day called BIRTHDAY! 

This occasion is the best to show our love and feelings towards them and tell our friends that how much they mean to us. Often people lack in expressing their love and feelings and conveying the message hence you can try various ideas like gifting a card, make a  picture collage of your best time, make a homemade cake, write unique notes and stick them all over their stuff which will definitely make our friends special day more surprising and special.

Cherish your friendship and enjoy the time you spend. make them so much happy that they will be grateful to have us in their life.

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