New Year Quotes for Teachers 2018

Teachers are said to be the role models and the inspiring guides of our life. Wishing happy New Year 2018 to your teacher is an important way of paying respect towards them and in return getting their blessing while stepping on to the New Year. Here are some of the best New Year quotes to send your teachers.

You taught me the useful lessons of life, which is why till now I survived, here am I sending New Year wishes with a promise to keep all that you give me always alive!! Wish you a very happy new year!!
You are most efficient and hard working teacher’s of mine, who always made his maximum efforts to make me learn things which never interested me!! Here am I thanking you for all your efforts!! Hope you have a fabulous new year!!
Learning new things was always a great fun from you. Here’s wishing you a great new year full of joy and happiness!!
You have always been my favorite teacher who understands me and have made me who I am today!! Thank you for being so humble and modest! Wishing you a very happy and joyful year ahead!!
Ever since I had an encounter with you, I always wanted to become like you. You inspired me and gave me my goals in life. Thank you for being a a wonderful teacher. Hope you have a great new year!!
Being a teacher is big challenge, as anyone one can teach his/ own child but no anyone can take the responsibility of other child. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher of our children. A very happy new year to you!!
I am the luckiest person who has a teacher like you. You have been a great guide to me who built in the courage to face the world without any fear. Thank you for being so supportive. Wish you a very happy new year!!
Thank you for being a great teacher to my child. Hope you have a wonderful new year!!
Teachers are the important part of everyone life. I feel I am the luckiest as I got you as my teacher, who’s so patient and has made me a strong person from the core. Thank you!! Happy New Year!
You have always been a great teacher, a guide a philosopher!! Wish you a very happy and successful new year 2018 !!

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