New Year Quotes for Parents 2018

New Year 2018 is a wonderful occasion which marks a new start to another level of a journey. The day is celebrated worldwide with great zeal and enthusiasm. People also send New Year wishes to the far off people via messages and greeting cards in order to spread happiness.  Here are some of the quotes to send your parents on New Year.

You gave me the wings to fly and make me learn the things without which I cannot survive!! God has been very kind to me giving such loving parents. Thank you for being wonderful support. Wish you a very happy new year!!
You have always made New Year great for me. Not even for a single time I thought to have better celebration what I get for New Year’s Eve. Thanks for being such wonderful sport!  A very happy new year to you!!
God has given me everything with the parents like you. I may not have shown my gratitude always to you but today on the occasion of New Year; I want to thank you for being always there for me.  Here’s hoping for a great year ahead!!
Being mom and dad is one of the most difficult parts of your life but my parents have been very loving and caring to me. They have so far made it all a great journey for me. Hope to have a great new year with you!! Happy New Year!!
Undying love for a child, ready to bear everything for a child, neglecting the wrong and supporting for the right. Thanks for being patient with me. Happy New Year!!
 Hope you have a great year full of joy and happiness!! You are the most wonderful parents anyone could ever get! Wish you a very happy new year!!
Often it is said that parents are the shadows of god. Well said!! because I have seen that in my parents. Thanks for always loving me in good and bad! Happy New Year!!
No one can ever replace parents in the world. Because no one has the patience of neglecting you mistakes and still supporting you for everything you want to do!! Thank you for being such wonderful parents! Happy New Year!!
I have never felt alone even if I had no friends, I never felt no one’s loves me because I had you!! Thank you for great parents!! Happy New Year 2018 !!
My new year will always be incomplete without sending you best wishes for the same. So, here am I wishing you a joyful year ahead!!

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