New Year Games Ideas

New Year 2018 is the time for merry making and for fun with your friends and relatives and with family. Everyone plans the New Year celebration and the purpose is to put more and more fun in the celebration. The New Year parties are thrown with the same purpose. People arrange many funny things in the parties. A way of making fun on New Year Eve is the New Year fun games in the celebration. The fun games make the party more vibrant and increase the fun factor many times. Everyone in the party wants to participate in the fun games. The New fun games are of many types but one thing common in them is the great fun and pleasure they impart in the celebration. Some New Year 2018 fun games Ideas are given below for you.

  • New Year resolution: Write different and funny resolutions on different paper slips and put them in a box then ask your guests or family members to pull out one from the box and ask them to read loudly. The funny resolutions will make everyone laugh.
  • Musical chair: This very funny game. Arrange the chairs less than total number of guests in a circular path. Play the music and ask the guests to move forward in circular path as the chairs are arranged. Tell them they have to occupy one chair when the music stops and the standing people have to move out of the game.
  • Funny jobs game: Write some funny works to do on the paper slips ( like singing, dancing, eating or drinking something, kissing someone etc.) and put them in a box then ask your guests one by one to take out one slip and do what is written on the slip.

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