New Year Fun In India

New Year is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the world and so as in India. India is a country of festivals and people in India enjoy the festivals very much. They have their own ways of celebrations. In India people do get-togethers on the New Year eve. They enjoy the New Year eve with their friends and relatives like the people in the rest of the world. They arrange party at their place and invite their friends and relatives. They enjoy the eve with food and drinks. They also enjoy dancing with their friends and relatives. In India every festival or any event of happiness is associated with music. People play songs in loud voice and dance on the music to have fun. The songs they play are from the famous Bollywood movies.

On the New Year eve people also go out in the restaurants or shopping malls as on this day the market keep opened till mid night. You can see large crowd on public places. They enjoy food in the restaurants and go to discotheque etc to enjoy dance on the dancing floor. Some people enjoy New Year at home watching New Year 2018 TV programs. They love watching these programs which are source of great fun for them. They cook special food at home as Indian people are fond of food.

As the clock strikes twelve people greet New Year wishes to each other. They hug each other and give blessings. They make calls to their relatives and friends for wishing Happy New Year 2018. These people are very social and emotional and hence they wish New Year to everyone they meet at the mid night time. Next morning, they start their New Year with the prayers in the temple for the prosperity and good luck throughout the year.

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