New Year Fun

New Year 2018 is about wishing luck each other and enjoying the occasion with friends and relatives. This is the best time for fun activities as this is the time of winter vacations. You can enjoy the New Year fun activities along with your friends or family. The fun activities with your boy or girl have no match. Some of the New Year 2018 fun activities are given below:

  • New Year parties: New Year parties are the most favorite fun activities that people enjoy most. This is the best time for enjoying with your friends in the parties.
  • New Year party games: The New Year 2018 party games are also amazing fun activities that increase the charm of the New Year parties to great extent. The musical chair and Tombola are among the most popular fun games of New Year.
  • Guess of the resolution:  Guessing one’s resolution is an interesting New Year activity. In this activity you guess the resolution of the person. This also shows you how well you know your friend or dear one.
  • Fun Pictures:  You can ask your guests to make fun pictures and capture their photos. You can announce a price for the best fun picture of the guest. This is an amazing activity that can increase the charm of the New Year’s party to many times.  
  • Word game: This is a game in which you ask your guests to make words from the characters of “New Year 2018”.  The person who makes the most word wins the game.
  • Truth or Dare: This is an amazing fun activity during which you ask the guests to choose dare or truth. If he/she chooses truth then ask him/her to tell any truth of life that others don’t know or if he/she chooses dare then ask him/her to do a daring task asked by you.

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