Chinese New Year

  • Chinese New Year is marked by the long 15 days celebration in china. The first day of the lunar New Year is marked for welcoming the gods from the heaven and earth. On the day, Chinese people refrain from eating meat as this way they can ensure long and happy life for themselves.  
  • On the second day, people pray to their ancestors and god. The day is marked with a special ritual of feeding dogs as the day is believed to be the birthday of all dogs.
  • Third and forth days are the days for son-in-laws to pay respect to their Father-in-laws.
  • Fifth day is called as Po Woo. On the day, people stay at their home to welcome the God of wealth. It is believe that visiting the relative or friends on the fifth day of New Year celebrations brings bad luck to both the families.
  • Sixth to Tenth day of the Chinese New Year celebration allows people to visit their relatives freely. They can also visit to the temples to pray for family’s good health and fortune.
  • Seventh day of the celebration is said to be the day for farmers. On the day, farmers display their produce and make a drink of seven different vegetables to celebrate New Year.
  • Eighth Day is marked for the Fujian get together over dinner.          
  • Ninth Day is celebrated through making offering to the Jade Emperor.
  • From 10th to 12th day the people invite their relatives and friend over dinner at home.
  • After a good rich delicious dinner over the previous days, the 13th day is marked with simple rice, mustard greens and congee to lift up the digestion.
  • 14th day is kept for preparing for the lantern festival which is celebrated o the nigh of 15th day of the Chinese new year.

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