Message is a way of communication to large number of people without face to face to contain some information, news, advice, sweet wishes etc and send them too. Now a days there are various applications to send message to your friends, relatives, employees, boss etc for different works. First application through which we send our messages are SMS, E-mails  is relies on data network accessible. 

Then there are various chat program which is informal in a way for office. No matter which one you uses it determine on the internet speed. In this modern, technology-focused world, your thoughts may immediately fly to texting, Facebook messaging, email and video calls. While these rapidly-developing communicative tools are connecting cultures and individuals across the globe, conversation hasn’t always been so straightforward.

Many free tech-apps for messaging are Hike Messenger combines the best features of text messaging, email, social networking in single apps. Whatsapp Messenger it combines of varieties of features you can send sweet wishes with giphs and images which will made you day you can also do call and video call too. In this application you can only talk to the person whose no is saved in your contacts. You can also send your live location to your friend. Facebook messenger you can chat with your all your Facebook friends freely with any disturbances and you can also calls them anytime. One more thing you can also add your contacts if you want to. 


Our site 123HappyNewYear.Com post a lot of Messages, images so that you can send to your loved ones, relatives, friends, employees etc. for all types of occasions.

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