Unconventional Ways to Celebrate New Years Around the World

1st January, New Years Day is celebrated following a lot of festivities around the world. People look forward to this day to experience a lot of merry making and festivities. Traditionally, people celebrate the day by shopping gifts, decorating Christmas tree, relishing delicious feasts, attending special Christmas mass at church and a lot of other festivities. However, apart from that, there are various other traditions that are followed in a lot of different countries and cities around the wold. Let us explore some of them here, in this post. 

Spain - In spain, people follow this interesting tradition of eating a grape from 12 chines of the fruit, while making a wish, when the clock stricks 12 at night.

Belgium - In Belgian, new year is celebrate by children through writing letters to their parents or godparents. They decorate the card with fancy paper complete with cherubs, angels and colored roses and then read that aloud. 

Greece - Greeks believe in hanging an onion, or "kremmida" on their doorstep on New Year's eve as a symbol of rebirth in the coming year. The next morning, parents traditionally tap their children with the same kremmida on the head to wake them up before church.

Denmark - The people in Denmark ends their evening meal on new years with a special dessert known as Kransekage, a steep-sloped cone-shaped cake decorated with fire crackers and flags.

Japan - New Year's Eve in Japan is celebrated through ringing bells 108 times at Buddhist temples to welcome Toshigami, the New Year's God.

Estonia - People in Estonia follows the tradition of eating 12 different meals at midnight. Consuming every meal would mean the person gains the strength of that many men the following year.

Ireland - In Ireland, women keep mistletoe leaves under their pillow for better luck and to find husband.

Germany - Germans eat jam-filled doughnuts made with or without liquor fillings on New Year's Eve, as well as a tiny marzipan pig as a token of good luck.

Argentina - People in Argentina eat beans on New Year's Eve for good luck for the upcoming year.

Ecuador - In Ecuador, people burn thousands of life-size dummies representing misfortunes from the past year are burned in the streets.

China - Chinese believe in cleaning  their homes to get rid of bad luck for new year. They also buy presents for loved ones and give their children money in red paper envelopes.

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