Tips To Add More Fun In You New Year Party

New Year parties are the major highlights of the occasion. Every year people try to add more fun-filled elements in these parties. However, do not forget to maintain the zest of the festive party. Thus, if you are hosting a party, then you may take help from our given below tips to make it even more cheerful.

=> Give a colorful chit to everyone and ask for them to write their resolution for the New Year. It is a unique idea that would gain everyone’s attention and a chance to begin their New Year with one new good habit.

=> How about arranging a confession session? It is truly a great idea to indulge your every guest in the celebrations. Give them a pen and a piece of paper and ask them to write their one of the mistakes in life. In the midnight, ask them to throw the paper in the fireplace and burn their evil forces.

=> You can plan a dress code themed party. All the decorations will be related to that theme. Ask your guests to wear a particular color of dresses, for example, blue for men and white for women. Similarly, you can also arrange a metal themed party, where all decorations would be either in gold or silver.

=> You can also arrange a fortune teller for your party, giving your guests a wonderful surprise on the eve of the Happy New Year 2017. It would definitely increase the excitement among the guests.

=> Plan for an awarding contest for kids in your New Year party and maintain the festive spirit. You can give awards for various titles such as Best Dressing award, Best smile-female, etc. Also, you have to make sure that these titles should be given positive mindset.  

=> Host a glowing party by decorating the entire venue with scented candles and switch off the lights. Deck the dance floor with flowers and arrange the spot lights n dance floor. Then, ask all your guests to perform on any of the songs. This would be an amazing idea to make all your guests get involved and let them enjoy the occasion.

=> You can also arrange some fun-filled games to play with guests such as board games, dumb charades, cards, etc. To add more excitement and fun, reward the winners with gifts and surprises.

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