The Liberation Day of India 15 August

Speaking of patriotism and affection towards our nation. The first thing popping your minds would be national days of our country. The land of different culture and religions- India, our motherland.

The Independence day of India celebrated throughout the country on 15august. Our national flag waving in almost every part of the country, patriotic functions fulfilling hearts with joy, integrity and nationalism.

If you are Indian and you don’t feel the energy of  Independence day. Not at all sorry to mention may be you are sinistral or globalist. Likewise we find our own home the best place to live in, the same goes with our country. Therefore one must have dedication and loyalty towards the nation. 

We celebrate independence day on 15august and what about other days ?

  • We keep on complaining what our country did for us and what our government did for us ? Right,

But, the question backfire on us what actually we did for our country ? 

And guess what this brings our hypocrisy and criticism to an end.

We are doing only a bit towards our country. This bit also includes only a few percentage of people who cares for the country’s prestige and respect.

There are number of cases and happenings depicted by foreign tourist visiting India. While reading a traveling blog i found number of foreign users explaining the glorifying and rich culture of India and about how beautiful there experience was. 

But, on the other hand it was shameful to read comments like.

  • India is unsafe country for women. It was a horrible experience.

Most of them were female who faced threats, eve-teasing, molestation and robbing.

Is this how we are going to represent our country all over country?

No you will complain we are not responsible fo this but, the melancholic truth is no matter who commits the crime from the country, we all are responsible for this as we don’t feel like taking stand for the wrong until the victim is not familiar or close to us.

On 72nd Independence day lets’s oath the true liberty of mind, soul and body towards the welfare of our country.This year also India will celebrate it’s 72nd Independence day on 15august. The national flag will be raised or hoisted again by the respected prime minister on the Red fort, New Delhi. The cultural ceremonies are carried off under tight securities by our armed forces.

India will celebrate it’s 72nd independence day just because of the soldiers guarding our country. They are the true heroes of nation

Let’s celebrate this national day and basically a national holiday as the day of tribute and thank-giving to all those who sacrificed there life to make India liberal and independent.

Let’s promise ourself to prevent the culture,heredity and glory of our country, let’s take care of every guest visiting India in truest manner.

Vande Mataram

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