Raksha Bandhan Festival of Care Love and Protection

Raksha Bandhan, one of the most famous Hindu festival celebrated all over India embracing the beautiful bond of sister and brothers. The festival is also celebrated by the people of Nepal. This year the sacred day of raksha bandhan will be celebrated on 26th august, Sunday. Families will gather together to celebrate the festival with brothers, cousins and many other family members.

Significance of this Day 

Every festival in India have a historical or mythological background, which always depicts a story. The mother of Pandavas tied the piece of her sari on the finger of lord Krishna to clot the blood from his finger, he then promised to protect her all through life as debt, there are many other beliefs like in Mahabharat kunti tied rakhi to his grandson for his goodwill and long life.

Unconditional Sharing of Love and Care

Love and bonding is all this day symbolizes, the love we have for our siblings, brothers and sisters is something words can not express, the relation is like sugar and spice. We fight with them, irritate them, argue with them but fore mostly we love them like anyone else could not do. Elder brothers care there sisters like father, and same sister is always like mother to the brothers, they care us so that no bad could touch us. No matter what changes but the bond of brother and sister will always be pure, divine and lovable.

Promising Protection for Lifetime

The raksha bandhan celebration 2018 day is celebrated by tying a sacred thread on the wrist of the brothers and sisters get gifts and money in return. The sisters pray for the long life of  there brothers and brothers promises to guard and help her in every situation of life. The beauty of this festival can only be noticed in countries like India where families and hearts reunite on festive days.

Celebrations have No Boundaries

The festival of raksha bandhan serves no boundaries. There are many people who help and care for us like our brothers and sisters do and we feel the same selfless bond with them therefore the festival is celebrated with people who are connected with hearts and assure the bond of brotherhood. They are also known as brother from another mother. 

Celebrate the festive day with all the enjoyment and cherishment gifting some priceless smiles to your brother and sister. Happy Raksha bandhan.

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