New Year Traditions Around the World

Every country has its own set of traditions and customs attached with the festival of New Year. Although they all have different rituals, the aim is to bring in the good luck for their family, friends and for their complete well being. Talking about the these new year tradition here are some of the most fascinating new year traditions followed by people around the world. 
Let us check out some of the fascinating aspects related to the new year traditions that are followed around the world.

Denmark - People in Denmark keep the pile of broken dishes in front of their door as a new tradition. For they believe that the resident with the maximum number of broken plates is known to have the maximum number of friends. People save old and broken dishes to fulfill the tradition for they signify it with friendship and brotherhood.

Spain/Peru - People in Spain believe that eating 12 grapes on the occasion of new year would help them bring in good luck for the 12 months of the new year. While in Peru they eat 13.

China - Chinese people though do not celebrate new year on 1 January but they still profess a new year tradition where they paint the fresh coat of red paint on their door with the belive that the same will help them bring in good luck and happiness for the new year.  They also prohibits the usage of knives for 24 hours for them its signifies that it cuts the family’s good luck for the new year.  

England - As per the new year tradition followed in England, the first guest at home on the occasion of new year is believed to bring in good luck for the family. So they believe that it should be a man bearing gifts like coal for fire or loaf of bread for the table. The guest is made to enter from the front door and exit from the back one. Any guest who arrive at home empty handed is not allowed to enter the house on new year in England.

Japan - In Japan, people celebrate new year through decorating their house with the branches of pine which symbolizes longevity, bamboo stalk symbolizing prosperity and plum blossom, nobility.

United States - People in US believes that a kiss on the new year midnight signifies purification of new year and making  loud noise is said to dispel the evil spirits.

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