Muharram 2018 Celebration of Islamic New Year

The Muharram is one of the sterling festivities of the Muslims. This festival is determined to think back Hassan and Hussain – the two grandsons of the religious person Mohammed. These two young men got Mohammed’s belonging. The property which belongs to Mohammed, the Caliph of Damascus always wanted to have it. Hence, both were killed Hassan and Hussain who fought with the Caliph for a long time and was finally killed on the plains of Karbala by the Euphrates.

The Muharram is more a festival of sorrowing than merry-making. This festive Muhharam which start on the first day of this big day and continues till 10 days. The Muslims express their sorrow for the death of Hussain, and also mention fast for ten days. During the Muharram, vivid processions are taken out with beautiful tazias which are pointed as tombs over Hussain’s grave. On the final day the 11th day the tazias are submerged in the rivers or ponds. At last, they join a feast to which the people from other religions also are invited.

How the Festival is Celebrated -

The festival persists for ten days. It starts with the occurrence of the new moon of the month on which it falls. A spot is selected. All the sorrowers, big, small etc. gather there. And this procession is known as the council of the mourners. They pray thought-out the whole day. All the folks distribute alms to the poor families. For ten days they express emotion for Husayn. They curse the brutal Yazid.

Last Day of the Muharram:

On the tenth day, which is the endmost of the festival, the tazias are transferred to the Karbala the funeral land. And there they are buried with loud noise good luck and salut to Hassan and Husayn. After all this procession they return to their home. They do prayers more than hours. Then they sit down to the outstanding for them.  Hence, this superior festival Muharram comes to an end. 

Conclusion -

The Hindu too shows commiseration with all their Muslim neighbors in their unhappiness. They offer cold drinks to the grievers. Some of them carry and put garlands and sweet on the tazias. A bad characteristic of the festival is that, when the tazias are taken out, the rival parties wrangle.

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