Independence Day Celebration in India

India celebrates three national holidays all through the year. Republic day, Independence day and Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti. On 15th 2018 India will celebrate it’s 72nd Independence Day. It is observed in all the state and Union territories of India. The prime minister of the country will host the National flag on Red fort, New Delhi and the president deliver an addressing to the people of the country known as “address the nation”. The national day is honored by the 21 gun shots and parades.

Every citizen of the India pay a token of honor and respect to the brave freedom fighters and leaders who fought for the independence of the country on this day. The buildings are decorated elegantly by the tricolor lightning all around and the school. Colleges organize cultural program a day prior to independence day. The monument which are related to the history are the core attraction to enjoy the Independence day with family and friends.

Historical Background

The Britishers came to India for the purpose of trading, India was a rich country and the Britishers got attracted by the prosperous economy, spices and trades of India. They came India for the purpose of trading but soon rapidly they started ruling the country mercilessly. The poor Indians suffered a lot during that period, they lived helplessly in there own country. Soon some leaders decided to fight against the ruler, they were thrashed, assassinated and killed but later on after the sacrifices of many freedom fighters India got independence on 15th august 1947. From then each year Independence day is celebrated every year on 15th august and celebrated by the citizen of the country joyfully.

Independence in True Measures 

72 years passed when India got independence but still a question arises are we  independent in all measures? 

- Independence of education, women’ safety, killing the female foeticide, unemployment, corruption, dirty politics, unhealthy environment, lack of education and there are many other problems which are troubling the country and affecting the development of the country on a wide range. This independence day let’s promise ourselves to take a step forward for the welfare of our country and to bring the true independence on track. It’s quite hard but not impossible if each citizen of the country raise a voice against these troubles.

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