Dussehra Victory Of Good Over Evil

Dussehra Victory Of Good Over Evil

Dussehra implementation different things to various people. For some, it symbolizes the end of abstaining from some kind of food as per the purpose of religious observance. For others, it means relishing a glorious exhibit of fireworks at the local fairs. And then there are those who celebrate this Hindu festival in more specific ways than others. These festivals are celebrated in assorted ways and forms in different areas across the country. In North India, it is fashionably known as Navratri. Navratri celebration lasts for the 10 days and on the last day of Navratri is commemorate Dashmi.

These Hindu festivities have their own standing & relevance in our lives. Dussehra is celebrated to mark the triumph of great over sinful when Lord Ram killed Ravana. We toast Durga puja to mark the ascendancy of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura. In South India, people bring the idol of Goddess Durga and worship it during all nine days, whereas in West India people celebrate is otherwise by organizing Dandiya and Garba nighttime. We can also make this festival extraordinary by celebrating it other than with your family. No festival occasion can be considered accomplished without family. Durga Puja and Dussehra celebration can be clubbed unitedly as they are celebrated at the same time. 

Generally, in western and northern India, Dussehra is celebrated in amazement of Lord Rama. Various varieties of drama, dance, music, and plays based on the heroic Ramayana are performed in the open fields where an impermanent stage is built and decorated with flowers, lights, clothes, and other materials. Stage artists enact Rama, Lakshmana, Sita, Hanuman, Ravana and other notable characters of Ramayana. The performance lasts for almost 10 days and on the day of Dussehra (10thday) when Rama defeats Ravana, large dummies of Ravana, Kumbhakarana, and Meghnath are burned in the same field where the performance is created. Dussehra is also celebrated in schools with complete passion and zeal. Ramayana stories are acted out by children and fairs are held at school which is open for both children and their parents. Thus, Dussehra is one of the much hoped-for festivals across India

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