Birthday SMS For Uncle

Wish that all your dreams come true.
May each day bring something new
Devoted friends and loving family, too
Dear Uncle! Happy Birthday to you.
I hope you enjoy your lucky day,
With all the happy things in store.
Let this be your best Birthday
Before I wish you many more.
Happy Birthday to the most wonderful Uncle! "Birthday SMS For Uncle"
I am truly blessed to have a loving, caring and
fun loving uncle like you. I wish you a very warm and happy
birthday. By the way, what time is the party?
Dear Uncle, its your day
So I am sending all wishes your way
Have a long life, happy and with cheer
Wish you another, wonderful year.
Dear Uncle, its your day
Happy Birthday.
You are more than just Uncle for me. You are an
inspiration and perfect example. You are one of the most
amazing people that I have ever known. Happy
May a surprise await you on your birthday and
may it be the best surprise you’ve ever had! Happy
Birthday, Uncle!
Hey super awesome Uncle, this is a special
birthday sms that I’m sending to let you know that you are
thought of today and all the year through. Happy
Uncles like you make life so magical. You just
have your own special “uncle magic” that you work! Happy
I totally look up to you! You are the apple of my
eye! I’m proud that you are my uncle! Happy Birthday!
You are the best uncle I have
Who understands me in every day
And because you are what you are
Here’s wishing you an even more awesome day.
A birthday wish bundled with joy
A brand new year full of fun
My wishes shall go on and on
I have just begun!
Happy Birthday Uncle.
I tried to write you a poem about how cool and
hip you are, but the only thing that I could rhyme with “Unc”
was the “trunk” of my car! Happy Birthday!
Thank you very much dear uncle for everything
you have done for me. I hope that your birthday will be full
of light and color.
Happy Birthday Uncle :)
May a surprise await you on your birthday and
may it be the best surprise you've ever had! Happy
Birthday, Uncle!
It is the time to sit back and relax as today is
your birthday. Enjoy this awaysome day and refresh
yourself for the upcoming year. Happy birthday to
you my dear uncle!
No distance will separate the bonding of love.
You and I share the same blood and a bond, very strong
and ancient. May all the angels from above fulfill
all your wishes! "Birthday SMS For Uncle"
Dear uncle, you are not only my father’s
brother, you are no less than my dad in my eyes. You have
cared for me not as your nephew, but as like your
son. I am grateful to you for everything you have done for
me. I wish with all my might to God to give you as much
happiness to you as you deserve.
One single wish is never enough
For someone as special as you!
So here are lots of wishes with warmth of love,
To last the whole year through!
Happy Birthday to the best uncle!
It‘s so great to have such an incredible uncle!
Thank you for all those exciting moments that we share,
have a brilliant birthday!
Uncles are like salsa sauce. They convert bland
into awesome. Happy birthday.
The most precious ride of my life wasn’t my first
car, it was my uncle’s back. Happy birthday.
Life seems like a curse until uncles like you
come and make it a blessing. Happy birthday.
Cool Facebook updates, awesome Instagram
pictures and funny tweets – life without you dear uncle, just
wouldn’t be so upbeat. Happy birthday.
Who needs to see superhero movies when they
have grown up with uncles like you? Happy birthday.
I may have got my genes from my parents, but I
want to inherit style and attitude from a cool uncle like you.
Happy birthday. "Birthday SMS For Uncle"

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