Birthday SMS For Nephew

I have tried but failed, I don’t know what to do. I just can’t stop pampering an adorable nephew like you. Happy birthday.
If everyone in the world had an awesome nephew like you, no one would ever bother having kids of their own. Happy birthday.
No matter what your parents tell you, think of your uncle whenever you feel like doing something you’re not supposed to. Happy birthday. "Birthday SMS For Nephew"
Next time your parents scold you, just say ‘Back off or I’ll call my aunt’. Happy birthday.
Our relationship is unique – you are the son I get to dote on without being a boring parent and I am the parent you get to lean on without worrying about showing responsibility. Happy birthday.
Playing the moderator’s role during your fights with your parents is very easy – all I have to do is take your side. Happy birthday.
One of the best things in life that I get to do, is to love, pamper and fuss over my nephew. Happy birthday.
Before you were born, I was just another ordinary man. But after your birth, I was elevated to the status of being an amazing uncle. Happy Birthday
My birthday gift for you is the title of best nephew in the world. I hope your party favor will be to give me the title of the best aunt in the world. Happy birthday.
As you grow older, you’ll let go of your mischievous days and innocent ways. But please don’t let go of your cuteness, which gives me nothing but happiness. Happy birthday.
I will never experience old age in its true sense because my nephew’s company will keep me young forever. Happy birthday.
Our relationship is not limited to just being aunt and nephew. There will always be a permanent bond of friendship between me and you. Happy birthday.
Nephew, dude, I’m super mondo stoked about your birthday! I’m not sure what that means, but I knew you would.
Nephew, I never thought I could love someone like a best friend and like a son at the same time…until you came along. Happy Birthday.
Little toy trains, running in rain, bouncing a ball, growing up tall. Through each and every phase, I’m grateful for the best thing that ever happened to me. Happy birthday, Nephew.
Really glad you made it to this birthday, nephew. There were a few years of scrapes and sprains when I almost had to bubble wrap you. Be careful and have a fun-filled birthday!
I don’t understand how that little boy who pulled a little red wagon around turned into the fine young man who now drives a car around… but I’m glad I got to watch. Happy birthday, Nephew.
“On this day of your birthday I wish you achieve all your goals and that in these years of your youth you achieve all the things you want to do. Improve every day of your life and you will succeed. Have a nice birthday.”
The maturity and wisdom that you have developed over the years make me feel joy and happiness, and even more to your parents. My dream is that everything goes well, especially now that you are celebrating another year of life making everybody happy. Congratulations "Birthday SMS For Nephew"
Dear nephew, on this day I would like to let you know that unity in the family is a bond that binds us and that accomplishes to get us together as partners, I’ll always be there for you. Have a superb birthday
Despite the distance I salute you on this day and wish you good luck in your life. Never give up before challenges, be brave, and do not ever give up. I wish you a nice birthday and do not forget that you can always count on me
I bought you an expensive gift
I bought you a yummy and delicious cake
I bought you lots of treats
I bought you chocolates of the best make
All this is just to let you know
That your uncle loves you
Happy birthday to the little fella
Who is my favorite nephew
I have wrapped your gift with the paper of joy
I have sealed the paper with the scotch tape of love
I have tied a lovely red ribbon of affection
That makes the box look cute from above
I have done everything possible
To get a gift that you like very much
I have wrapped it very lovingly too
So that it gets a magical touch
Happy birthday, my dear nephew
You are both, my strength and weakness
Because you give me nothing but happiness
Sometimes, your love makes me strong
At times, days without you seem really long
Your presence in my life, I dearly cherish
On your birthday today, I want to make a wish
May nothing in this world affect our relationship
Without your love, your dear aunt would flip
Happy birthday
If all the nephews in the world had to compete
You would easily win the feat
You are the best nephew on this earth
And it would be very easy to prove your worth
Because I would be there to give testimony
Of the wonderful nephew that you can be
Happy birthday "Birthday SMS For Nephew"

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