Birthday SMS For Crush

May Everything Happy
And Everything Bright
Be Yours On Your Birthday
From Morning Till Night.
And Then Through The Year
May The Same Thing Hold True
So That Each Day Is Filled
With Life's Best Things For You! "Birthday SMS For Crush"
May your heart be happy and warm
May you have success and delight
May you be unbreakable and strong
May you always win in every fight.
You can learn how to fly, even if it takes a while,
Happy birthday to you and always wear your smile!
You were born this day,
And I pray ,
That you have a memorable day,
Hey! Happy Birthday!
I wish you loads of happiness,
To greet you every morning.
I wish you laughter and joyous moments,
To make you feel like a king and make you want to sing.
I wish you years of friendship,
And all the excitement that your birthday can bring.
Wish you a Happy Birthday!
This day comes only once in a year,
Enjoy it.
It’s your birthday my dear.
Make the most of it.
Happy Birthday!
May people always treat you right,
You deserve to have all the happiness.
May your life is always bright,
May you never feel emptiness.
Happy birthday and be fine!
Today is one of my favorite days.
On this day a wonderful person came on earth.
For me you are like the sun rays.
Happy birthday and I Love You!
Colorful cakes and gifts,
We will play your favorite music hits,
Wish you the best day!
Happy birthday is what I am here to say.
My dear love...
I am so very glad,
Very glad I am here!
Happy birthday, my love,
Happy birthday, my dear...
I have a present for you,
No one has ever got,
Happy birthday my love,
I give you my whole heart.
Close your eyes as you blow the candles,
On a heart-shaped cake,
Think about your bright future,
And all the great things you are going to make! "Birthday SMS For Crush"
I bought a box of chocolate,
But I threw it away,
Somehow I felt a box of love is a much better present,
for your birthday.
I hope you’ll love it as much as I love you,
So, enjoy your birthday present I specially got for you.
I wish that you wish the most beautiful wish,
And that nothing can diminish this wish.
I wish you love, wealth, and serenity,
And I wish theses wishes last for an eternity.
This morning I noticed on my calendar a happy day!
Today, my happy calendar said it is your birthday.
I wish this day brings a smile on your face,
and that you enjoy,
The day you were born, celebrate it in joy.
Happy Birthday!
Tumse kitni mohabbat hai ye main bata nahi sakti,
Apni zindagi mein tumhari ehmiyat jata nahi sakti ..!
Meri zindagi ka har lamha tumhi se shuru hota hai,
Tumse door reh ke ek pal bhi akele bita nahi sakti …!
Mumkin hai main khud ko bhool jaaun,
Par tumhe bhoolne ki khata main kar nahi sakti ..!
Tum mere dil me hi nahi mere rom-rom me base ho,
Tumse bichhad ke main ye zindagi jee nahi sakti ……!
Koyi aa kar mera hath thaam le
Mujhe tanhaiyo se darr lagta hai
Koyi apna keh kar mera naam le
Mujhe harjaiyon se darr lgta hai,
Sama jaaye mere wajood mein,
Mujhe judaiyo se darr lagta hain
Mohabbat me, main dub jau magar
Mujhe gehraiyon se darr lagta hai.
I wish you a million smiles, and I wish you laughter,
I wish you a million more moments to remember your birthday after.
May everything you want become a dream come true,
May this day be a happy day for you!
Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.
Happy Birthday my sweetest love, not a day goes by when I do not think of you and how empty my life would be if you were not here.
Today marks the day a good person was born, with a lovely heart, a beautiful body, an enchanting smile, an influential mind, and an appealing personality.
Yes, today is my birthday!
You’re the song, I love to play over and over …
You’re the movie I never get tired of …
You’re the book I can never put down.
You’re the one I love forever.
Happy Birthday
Dil mein basa liya aur humein bataya bhi nahi,
Sath rhne ka khwab saja liya or hume btaya b nhi
Ab bhi dekhte ho khamoshi bhari nigahon se,
Chupke se dil chura liya aur humein bataya b nhi.
It is a nice feeling to have known a gold hearted person like you in whom I can confide everything. Whose presence around has always been a source of joy and happiness for me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
It’s a nice feeling when you know that someone likes you, someone thinks about you, someone needs you; but it feels much better when you know that someone never ever forgets your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
A prayer: 2 bless ur path,
A wish : 2 lighten ur moments,
A cheer: 2 perfect ur day,
A text: 2 say HAPPY BIRTH DAY "Birthday SMS For Crush"

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