Virgo happens to be the sixth sign of the zodiac. These people are born between august 23 to September 22 and their zodiac sign is represented by a female. It is said that Virgos are critical and analytic in nature and are very exact in having details. Despite of their over critical nature, these people are very helpful in the times of need and love to do team work. These people are organized and industrious ones and are always seen on the track of doing good to others. Virgo represents virgin, however this association is not meant for taking it literally, although Virgos tend to grab some of the qualities of a virgin such as modesty and compassion.  With all that modesty and kindness, these people are narrow-minded and this trait of their restrict them to explore their creativity.

Virgos are very independent and have the tactics to imply their intelligence to use and get things done. Virgos are creative but are not passionate or enthusiastic, if they help themselves in maintaining their level of zeal, they happen to be bright people with bright future. Virgos possess a balanced type of a temperament and before proceeding for a conclusion, these people tend to consider and analyze the facts and details. This habit of theirs sometimes makes them indecisive and slow.

As it is said that what we think and believe, it happens and in the case of Virgos, it happens to take place more likely. They just need to keep their mind clear of all the doubts; and should be positive and can experience beautiful phases of life. Likewise, if these people happen to take their lives with a negative approach, they will encounter all the negative things falling at their place and this will affect their temperament the most.

They have very powerful mind, so to be happy and successful in life, they must take their life in a positive way. Their basic nature tells that these people are cold and detached and should be given some emotional doze, no matter by themselves or others. Because of their negative outlook, they are prone to live in rejections and denials, which lead them to unhappiness and dissatisfied making them unstable. These people do not come out with their true feelings and are very pretentious. Sometimes, they even become so unpredictable that you cannot even trust them.

Virgos positive traits:

  • Analytical
  • Sharp-eyed
  • Supportive
  • Trustworthy
  • Exact

Virgos negative traits:

  • Cynical
  • Picky
  • Rigid
  • Cold
  • Nosy

Acquaintance with Virgos:

Virgos make very good friends because of their helping nature straight thinking. They are honest, trustworthy and unwavering people. However, out of 10 Virgos, you can find 2 of them would be cold and detached because they feel with their minds and not hearts. If they have depressing friends, they are easily prone to lead their life with a negative outlook. If you have a Virgo friend, have you ever notices that these Virgos do not show their feelings rather keep it with themselves only. The Virgos are so helpful, so much that sometimes they become over-protective about their loved ones and try to control their lives with the notion that they will improve the lives of their loved ones. Just be patient and listen to your Virgo pals to make your life better, also maintain a distance as to avoid his control over your life.

Business dealing with Virgos:

Virgos are intelligent people as they possess a very good memory and are very analytical. If they follow their career in the field of research and investigation, they excel in their occupation due to their analytical minds. If you are friends with Virgos, then my dear its better to not to hide your feelings from him/her as these people with their analytical  and powerful minds are good at reading others’ minds. They can also be great cops and interrogators. They are logical in thinking and this nature of theirs make them practical and methodological.

Peeping inside Virgos:

Virgos are otherwise rational, practical and organized but are very much influenced by their surroundings. Due to their over-analytical nature sometimes becomes indecisive. They are ambitious; and have a greed for more and more and have very active mind that makes them to fall unsettled. Their one of the most important life lessons is to have faith and trust in life as it comes to a known divine soul. They are sensitive, so they need to learn life mysterious ways and face it with calmness.

Virgo in a Nutshell:

Virgo think, feel and see through their minds and grabs every thing in mind keeping everything inside. To the world, Virgos appears themselves as calm, patient and controlled personalities but in reality, they are uncontrolled, unstable, over-active, over-analytical personas. They try to have control over things and people in order to improvise these. For the complete 24 hours, the mind of a Virgo will go on operating with something or the other. They are on a constant drive for bringing in the improvement and perfection in the world, but this trait of theirs makes them picky, finicky and cynical. They are true humans with good motives but their ways are weird that make others feel intolerant.

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