New Year Around The World

New year is one of the most celebrated festivals of the year. People awaits for the yearly celebrations and starts preparing for it from the start of December month. While some people likes to party for the occasion, other likes celebrating it through traveling all around the world. 

New year is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm all over the world. Though the traditions and the cultures for celebrating the occasion varies differently in different countries. The thing remains the same is the spirit and the happiness with which all the countries celebrate this festival.  

Some of the most famous destinations known for celebrating new year in a very unique and interesting manner includes -

USA - United States of America celebrates New Year on 1 January. The country is known for celebrating the festival in great style and elegance. People in the country loves to get indulged in abundance of gourmet, feast, champaign, wine, cakes etc. For Americans new year is one of the most celebrated occasions and a specially designed ball is dropped at 11.59 pm on the eve.  

France - New Year in France is called with the names of Jour des trennes and Le Jour de I’ An. The celebrations marked on the occasions are recognised as “Reveillion”. In France, it is believe that feasting on the occasion brings prosperity, thus a special feast is planned for the occasion which is known as le Rveillon saint-sylvestre. 

UK - United Kingdom welcomes new year on the basis of Gregorian calender with a lot of happiness, cheer, friends, family, feasting and drinking. Apart from that, on every new year, huge crowd gathers along the Thames to enjoy Fireworks from the London Eye when the clock at Big Ben strikes 12. 

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